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Important Article by Wooridul

  • Usefullness of Dynamic Cervical MRI - Laminoplastic Decompression and Fusion for Ossification of Posterior Longitudinal Ligament -:
    황상원, 장지수, 이상호
  • Syringomyelia Secondary to Tuberculous Spinal Kyphosis:
    이병회, 장지수, 김석강
  • Cervical Disc Herniation as a Cause of Brown-Sequard Syndrome: Report of 2 Cases:
    최경보, 이춘대, 정대진, 김석강, 이상호
  • [The 90th MISS Course participant]

    Dr. Jose Otavio Correard Teixeira (BRAZIL)

    I choose Wooridul hospital, because of its wide reputation and high standards.

  • [The 90th MISS Course participant]

    Dr. Huseyin Yener Erken (TURKEY)

    I choosed Wooridul Hospital for training because I know that the Wooridul Hospital is one of the best in the world specially for treating spinal conditions using the minimally invasive techniques.

  • [The 92nd MISS Course participant]

    Dr. Ibeanusi Sydney Emeka Bauche(Nigeria)

    I would definitely recommend Wooridul Hospital to other patients and specially for the surgeons who want to have a training in spine surgery.

  • [The 94th MISS Course participant]

    Dr. Mark A. Flood, DO (USA)

    I learned new techniques that will improve my practice.. I would strongly recommend Wooridul Hospital to other people.

  • [Joimax visiting surgeon program]

    Dr. Erik Traupe (Germany)

    In Wooridul in Korea the main difference in treatment between the rest of the world is here the doctors care much more about how they can treat the patient with doing them less harm. I would strongly recommend Wooridul Hospital to other people.

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